Charity on the Green

32nd Annual Golf Championship

Charity on the Green

Play golf, and do your part for charity.

Participate in our Charity on the Green (COTG) event and stand a chance to win attractive prizes from the COTG Lucky Draw!

That's not all, the flight with the most number of qualified tickets accumulated at all four Par-3 COTG Holes will win $2,000 cash!

Gameplay - FAQ

Where can I purchase the COTG tickets?
Tickets can be purchased at any of the following locations:
1. Goodie Bag collection point outside of Falcon Room
2. All 4 of the Par 3 Holes (TBC)
How many COTG tickets can I purchase?
There are no limits to the number of COTG tickets you can purchase at any/all four Par-3 COTG holes.
However, the tickets must be purchased before the last flight leaves the last Par-3.
How much does one COTG ticket cost?
Each COTG ticket costs $10.
When can I purchase the COTG tickets?
The COTG tickets can only be purchased on Sun, 29 Sep 2019.
What are the prizes from the COTG Lucky Draw?
To be confirmed closer to date.
Must I be present to win the COTG Lucky Draw?
You do not have to be present to win the COTG Lucky Draw.
Where to purchase COTG tickets
Tickets are sold at the goodie-bag collection point and at all 4 of the Par 3 COTG holes.

Gameplay - Terms & Conditions

Each Charity-on-the Green (COTG) ticket is sold at $10.
No limit to the number of tickets to be sold to each participant at any/all 4 of the Par 3 COTG holes.
Please ensure details are eligibly furnished on each COTG ticket.
Upon arrival on respective Par 3 holes, staff will verify name and tee-off time.
Prior to hitting your golf ball at any of the 4 Par 3 COTG holes, please confirm with the staff on duty the number of ticket/s you would like to put your chance/s on.
Ticket/s will be deemed qualified towards the COTG lucky draw only if the ball lands on and inside the Green and qualifying tickets will be dropped into the COTG lucky draw box.
Staff will note down total number of qualified tickets by individual golfers in a spreadsheet.
Flight with the most number of qualified tickets accumulated at all 4 Par 3 COTG Holes will win $2,000 Cash.
In an event of a tie, cash prize will be split equally among the winners.
Disqualified ticket/s will be discarded.
The entire funds raised during COTG will be donated to the Swim for Hope 2019 Beneficiaries.
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