Dance Fiesta 2014: 1v1 Battleground and Street Dance Preliminaries

Dance Fiesta 2014: 1v1 Battleground and Street Dance Preliminaries

Last month, SAFRA kicked off the dance fever with a special event just for charity called Dance-a-thon. Hosted by Power 98 DJ JK, Dance Fiesta 2014 officially began this past weekend with an exciting battle between freestylers where they went through three rounds before a champion was crowned.

The freestyle battleground was a perfect way to start off the Sunday competition and from the talented dancers to the enthusiastic crowd, the energy inside the Ground Theatre at *SCAPE was infectious. There was even an attempt at "trash talking" before the second round of the 1v1 freestyle, a trademark of hip-hop rap battles or even any type of competition. But it was all in good fun as every participant had joined because of their love for dancing and desire to keep this community alive.

As the hour neared to the street dance showcase, the registered solos and teams waited anxiously in the wings before their turn up onstage. Dressed in various signature looks, this unity in appearance and performance was one of the criteria to score in order to qualify for the finals. The amount of creativity and passion was incredible, entertaining the crowd and judges all the way to the end. The audience was so loud in their cheers that it even attracted more people from outside the theatre to join in to watch sometime during the event.

The day ended with a prize presentation for the freestyle battle finalists, awarding the crowd favourite Alif the first prize. As for the solo and team street dance showcase, the judges made their decision on which acts to move on to the finals. The contestants were also given their entrant numbers.

One of the most anticipated moments was defending team champion F Nutz qualifying for the finale on March 22 2014. Their performance did not lack any of the fire they brought last year. This year's competition seems quite tough so be sure to come down to the finals to find out if they would clinch another victory!

Check out more highlights of the event in the video below:

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