5 Little Known Facts about the Honest Show-Off – WWE SuperStar Dolph Ziggler

5 Little Known Facts about the Honest Show-Off – WWE SuperStar Dolph Ziggler

It was Dolph Ziggler's first trip to Singapore on 27 - 29 May

Whether you like him or not, if you’re a fan of WWE you’d definitely heard of or seen Dolph Ziggler in action. Known for his arrogant, show-offy attitude, the unforgettable ‘Mr Money in the Bank’ Dolph Ziggler (real name: Nicholas Nemeth) was in town on 27 - 29 May to promote WWE Live in Singapore to be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 2 July 2015.

Here are 5 interesting little known facts about Dolph Ziggler which he shared during our exclusive interview on 28 May 2015:

1. He doesn’t warm up for a fight…much.

Charming his Singapore fans on stage at LIDO Shaw Theatres.

Dolph wears what you’d normally wear on a casual Friday night out (shirt and jeans) when he heads to the ring. His 15 minutes get-ready routine for the fight includes: "throwing into" his wrestling gear, smack every inch of the muscles on his body to pump it up for the camera and focusing on the game plan he has in mind.

2. He’s called David Diggler… almost.

The WWE SuperStar toured around Singapore, greeting his fans along the way.

His WWE boss Vince, wanted his stage name to have the initials, D&D and David Diggler is almost the ring name he had to stick with for his entire WWE career. Desperate for a change, he texted his family and friends, ‘Send me all you’ve got!’ for any suggestions. Through a frenzied mobile brainstorming session, they came up with ‘Dolph’, a name referenced to Rudolph, his great grandfather and to the actor Dolph Lundgren, whom he is a huge fan of.

When he showed up for work the next day, instead of being registered as Dolph Diggler, his boss had changed his mind and tweaked his last name to ‘Ziggler’. He came to be known as Dolph Ziggler, different from the name he had in mind, but one he confessed to grow to love.

3. He is a fanboy of standup comic...and an amateur comedian.

Meet and greet at LIDO Shaw Theatres.

A fan of Saturday Night Life, Dolph enjoys jotting down anything he finds funny on his notebook as a kid. Now, Dolph uses Twitter (@HEELZiggler) as a platform to share his humorous side and enjoys tweeting out jokes. Sometimes, he would challenge himself with a 30-second blast to come up with jokes about the news headline.

4. He worries about how his body looks like in the ring… because he is a perfectionist.

Meet and greet at LIDO Shaw Theatres.

Due to his tight schedule, Dolph Ziggler doesn’t have much time for a workout. He uses whatever little window period he has to hit the gym, even in the dead morning, about 6 – 7 times a week. What’s his motivation for this? Constantly reminding himself that, for 5 nights a week, he has to face the world in his underwear, with millions of people watching him live and on television.

5. He inspired his younger brother to pursue his dream of becoming a WWE wrestler.

High-fives with one of his youngest fan in town!

“You can do whatever you want to do – be it a garbage man, mailman, or wrestler – as long as you work harder than everybody else you would always have a shot”, Dolph Ziggler to his younger brother Ryan a.k.a Briley Pierce.

Pictures courtesy of (C) 2015 WWE, Inc. All rights reserved.

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